« ANPastelle Garment Co.Ltd focuses on the best quality of clothing and accessories for the satisfaction of its valued customers. Being the leader of the market is one of our aims, but our main goal for the coming years will be to have the word ‘teez’  as reference for the Mauritian and global market”

Nazbee Bibi Alladeen 

Jibraan Esoof



ANPastelle Garment Co.Ltd is a Mauritian company which was registered and incorporated in 2013. The Director has experience in tailoring and sale of garments and accessories for more than 20 years.

The company is specialized in the design, production and sales of its clothing line. To offer a valuable product, the organization has developed its production line and design department.


Being aware of the strong competition concerning the clothing market, the company has invested to build its own factory which is implanted in Mauritius.


ANPastelle Garments Co.Ltd proposes a wide range of products.

The organization proposes ready-made garments, comprising skirts, blouses, dresses, coats, blazers, office wear, trousers and accessories, for women.

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